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The journey to the cloud presents two fundamental security challenges: how to enable users to access the cloud securely; and how to secure applications deployed in the cloud. The current approach to cloud security involves the use of dozens of disparate point products, which increases cost and complexity for organizations and ultimately exposes them to unnecessary risk. That’s the old way.

Palo Alto Networks Prisma takes a different approach, securing the cloud from the inside out by providing the most comprehensive cloud security in the industry. With Prisma, organizations can protect their users, applications and data, regardless of where they’re located.
Meet the Prisma family of products
Prisma Access A secure access service edge (SASE) that connects and protects mobile users, branch offices and retail locations, anywhere in the world.
Prisma SaaS A SaaS application security product that provides data protection, governance and compliance to safely enable organizations to adopt SaaS.
Prisma Cloud A cloud native security platform that provides comprehensive visibility, threat prevention, compliance assurance and data protection consistently across multi-cloud environments.
VM-Series A virtualized Next-Generation Firewall that delivers inline network security and threat prevention across private and public cloud environments.
Build a more secure cloud with Prisma
Consistent, comprehensive security Cloud has dramatically broadened the scope of things that need to be secured. Point solutions can only address part of the cloud security challenge, but Prisma provides consistent security and compliance across the entire scope of cloud-connected users, apps and data.
Increased speed and agility In a cloud world, it is no longer acceptable for security to impact user experience or slow developers down. Prisma enables users to securely work from wherever they will be most productive, and empowers rapid deployments, while reducing risk by enabling a “shift left” approach to security.
Reduced cost and complexity Integrating multiple point solutions not only exposes organizations to security gaps and risk, but it also increases operational cost and complexity. Prisma delivers the most integrated cloud security solution in the industry, simplifying the process of securing the cloud to ultimately reduce total cost of ownership for the cloud.
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Customer stories
Jefferies “For the past few years, we’ve relied on Prisma Access to transform the way we connect and secure our mobile users. We are excited to see Palo Alto Networks take Prisma Access to the next level with the introduction of SD-WAN and the other new capabilities. We believe Prisma Access is now the most complete secure access service edge offering we have seen in the market.”

Josh Dye - SVP of Global Information Security at Jefferies
Moody's “Palo Alto Networks has enabled Moody's to transform from a rigid data center-oriented organization to a dynamic global enterprise, leveraging public cloud and SaaS-based services to accelerate our business objectives. The Secure Access Service Edge delivered by Prisma Access has been key to our cloud transformation, allowing us to provide secure access to our public cloud and SaaS services to all of our users, regardless of location. In addition, we can now stand up branch locations immediately and integrate them into our corporate network overnight, at a fraction of the previous cost.”

George Kurian - SVP Cybersecurity Services
DHI Group "Most of our developers and engineers didn’t know much about configuring AWS securely. Prisma Cloud enabled us to clearly communicate our standards across the organization through its guided, automated remediation capabilities. This allows our developers to “learn as they go” without feeling as if they were doing extra work."

Ben Collen - Dir. Network & Security
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Informatica Prisma Cloud has helped Informatica overcome key business and security issues, providing near-instant value such as the ability to establish trust between security and developer teams. Watch the Webinar